Reseba – The Dark Wind opens Online Anniversary Special


We officially startet our Kurdish Film Series with Reseba the Dark Wind by Hussein Hasan. Watch it now online . We will present a new film every week !!

The first film about the Ezidi people
Based on true events
reseba / the dark wind will be released online on August 15th
A young Yazidi couple struggle during the Islamic State’s attacks on Sinjar and the massacre that follows.

As Mehmet Aktaş said
„Before we shot the film we came here many times. In fact we had a strong motivation to do this film and we were very welcome by the Yazidi people. They taught us a lot about their religion … it was always important show the truth with all the support and discussions with the Yazidi people … we completed with them the script.“

Rekesh Shabaz about Reseba

Dimen Zandi about Reseba